Kim’s Convenience’s Potential to Make a Difference

In a country like Canada where the population consists of such a diverse mix of individuals, a television show such as CBC’s Kim’s Convenience is exactly what is needed. For those who have never watched an episode before, the show is the first ever sitcom in Canadian history to have an Asian Canadian family as its lead characters.

Since the beginning of history, it has always been visible that the casting of productions has lacked in properly presenting the audience with diverse characters that accurately represent a population.
We are so used to seeing movies and television shows that consist of mainly, if not completely, all white individuals.

But, finally with Kim’s Convenience, we are presented with a series that focuses on a Caucasian family instead of something that has been repeated time after time. 

The show is funny, refreshing and demonstrates how a program that isn’t focused on your typical white family can be successful and provide cultural elements as well.

For a country that is one of the most multicultural in the world, it’s crazy that this is the first Canadian sitcom to include an Asian family as its lead.

Hopefully Kim’s Convenience and its impressive ratings can bring upon a new trend that encourages films and television shows to more accurately represent the different people that make up a society.

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