Jared Lee, also famously known as Duckwrth, will be performing in Vancouver this Saturday at Fortune Sound Club for the Westward Music Festival. He is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California that is rising in stardom in the music industry. Duckwrth has released one album in 2016 called I’m Uugly that has gained him popularity across North America.

Many view Duckwrth’s music as a mixture of Pharrell, Andre 3000, and Frank Ocean, with rhythmic tunes yet heavy set verses. Many have had trouble figuring out a set genre for Duckwrth’s music. It’s a mix of so many and holds its own uniqueness to it, with bits of soul, rock, funk, and r&b to name a few.

What stands out most about Duckwrth’s music that gives him that connection between his fans and himself is how personal his music is. It digs deep on personal issues and battles that can make any person relate deeply. It also takes a look into political issues regarding police brutality, gun violence, and so forth.

Besides his music, Duckwrth also is deeply into graphic design and art. He has created a lot of illustrated work for his music with vibrant colours and unique pieces. Talent is never left unnoticed, and niether is Duckwrth’s work of art. If your Saturdays are a no-go, I recommend spending some mula on his tickets. He may be talented behind the mic, but he is one hell of a performer live.

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