The History of the Lime

The lime has always been in the shadow of the lemon, but I am here to vault the lime to the top of your sour fruit list. Yes, limes are a fruit. There are actually seven types of limes, with the most popular being the Persian lime, which is mainly produced in Mexico. If you include all types of limes India comes out as the main producer globally.

Limes originate in Indonesia and Southeast Asia in 1000 BC. Later in the lime’s life (in the nineteenth century) British sailors used lime’s to prevent scurvy, and they were even given out as an allowance as they didn’t have an abundance of citrus. The use of citrus was actually a military secret, as many nationalities were dealing with an outbreak of scurvy, and countries that knew of the benefits of citrus had a heavy advantage over the other countries. It was also a great benefit for the countries if members of their navy were able to stay at sea for a longer duration of time without contracting scurvy.

Nowadays the lime is often associated with a shot of tequila. In Mexico, tequila isn’t taken with life or salt, as that is mainly an American thing and referred to as “training wheels” by some people. The main reason that people have been taking limes with tequila is because people believe that, along with the salt, that the flavour and sour of the lime balances the burn of the tequila.

So next time you’re doing shots make sure you share all this wonderful information with your friends. They probably won’t care but you’ll have a little flash of pride that you’ve never had before.

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