One of the Biggest DJ’s in Vancouver

Remember driving during the 5:00 Traffic Jam with DJ Flipout blasting in your car? Those times being literally stuck in traffic but Flipout saved your life? Maybe you forgot your AUX cord or your phone died. Well, Flipout always had your back. Besides doing the 5:00 Traffic Jam on the Radio, DJ Flipout also had many other projects he worked on or participated in that helped grow his career into the person he is today.

You ask anyone in Vancouver about a DJ they may know of, and I guarantee you Flipout will definitely be one of the names that slips through. Starting from radio, Flipout has used his skills and connections to get his name across the board here in Canada, and especially the Lower Mainland. From clubbing nights, to DJ Competitions, Flipout has done it all!

He has also opened up for many artists as well such as Jay Z and Lil Jon. Besides just focusing on music, Flipout has also acted in various television shows and movies such as the X Files, Fringe, and The Flash. He holds a lot of talent under his sleeve and throughout his career has worked aimlessly hard to get to where he is at the moment. Who knows what else will be in store for one of our favourite DJ’s?

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