Landing a Role on Big Brother Canada

Interested in getting a role in the next season of a reality television show such as Big Brother Canada? Well, join the long list of other people across the country looking to do the exact same. But seriously, if you’re interested in landing a spot and don’t know how the auditioning process works then continue reading…

Ever notice how each person on reality shows have something different about their character? Even though it is a reality show, and Big Brother Canada is one of the most “real” ones out there, it still needs to have “characters” in order to make for good television.

So when you’re sending in an audition video, make sure to have a hook or something that really makes you stand out from the rest. This doesn’t mean put on a complete act and pretend to be someone completely different than your actual self, but do something unique.

Don’t be shy.

No one is interested in watching a shy character in reality television. So being confident is key when auditioning and is something that is noticed by the casting crew. In fact, they want to see that you are absolutely certain that you know what exactly it takes to win Big Brother Canada.

Stick to your story throughout the entire auditioning process and be persistent! Maybe you’ll end up as a character on the next season…

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