From the Street to the Stage: An Insight Into Kali Uchi’s Career

Born and raised in Virginia, this Colombian-American artist is rising in the charts and growing a fairly large fan base worldwide. This Saturday, Kali Uchis will be performing at the Orpheum Theater for the Westward Music Festival taking place all week. With her increased popularity, Kali Uchi’s has created a certain theme to her music and look that attracts a fairly artistic yet vulnerable demographic.

The Fader describes Kali Uchi’s as a mixture between Frank Ocean and Amy Winehouse, with some jazz feel in her work. To me, her fashion sense resembles very closely of Marina and the Diamonds and Kehlani mixed together. Starting off living in her van, Kali Uchi’s worked hard enough in her music and life to make ends meet and become the successful artist that she is today. With two overly successful albums, Por Vida and Isolation, Kali has gained connections with many artists in the industry such as Tyler the Creator and the Gorillaz. Her In Your Dreams Tour has kicked off this month in Seattle and will continue on this Saturday, which is a show many in Vancouver are looking forward to. Her newest music video for After the Storm featuring Tyler the Creator has grabbed attention to many fans, gaining approximately thirty million views.

Some facts about the star: Kali Uchi’s is a nickname given by her father when she was a little girl. Her parents fled Columbia after she was born due to conflicts happening in the country. Being immigrants and Colombian have also created a lot of connection between the artist and her fans, where she leaves her emotions out on the table and gives little to no filter about her life growing up.

Kali Uchi’s is a star that continues to grow day by day, whether it be through her music, her interesting yet exquisite fashion sense, or her personality that resonates with many.

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