Beyond Meat : Bringing Vegan Burgers to the Masses

The world of fast food is a competitive market, prices need to stay low, food needs to taste good, and the market is heavily saturated (with things other than trans fat). This summer, burger heavy weight A&W brought a novel approach to the world of burgers. A special menu item that many have been requesting for years: a vegan burger.

On July 9th the fine fast food purveyor launched the “Beyond Meat” burger. This burger is a collaboration with the vegan food company of the same name. Using months of research and development, “Beyond Meat” was capable of building a patty that had the consistency, flavor and even juicy “bleeding” sensation of a real beef burger.

The demand for this product has been real! By the midway point of August many Canadian retailers had run out of stock of the “Beyond Meat” burger. Hungry patrons across the nation were met with great dismay. To deal with the high demand A&W began distributing 50% off “Beyond Meat” burger coupons to those greeted with rejection upon their demands for vegetable based protein. These coupons would have been more useful if there were actual burgers left to purchase…

Despite these trials and tribulations, the drought is over. It is with great jubilation I announce that on September 12th A&W Canada sent out a press release stating that the once mythical and rare “Beyond Meat” burger would be back in stock. Mark it on your calendar dedicated fans of Evolution, October 1st, the holy grail of meatless late night satisfaction will be back in action at your local burger faction.

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