The Story Behind “Hollywood North”

“Hollywood North”… You don’t just get this nickname without earning it. But the real question is, how exactly did Vancouver get this title?

Well, after all the movies and television shows that have been filmed here, Vancouver has earned the ranking of being the third-biggest film production centre in all of North America. The projects that have been filmed in Vancouver are not exactly low budget productions either… there’s an impressive history of movies that have made an impact at the box office. Tomorrowland, 50 Shades of Grey, Fantastic Four, Godzilla, and Man of Steel are a few included in that list.

Something that makes Vancouver an attractive place to shoot at is that it’s able to impersonate different cities around the world. It’s clear that there are several locations around the city that make for the perfect setting. But, one of the main reasons for filming north of the real Hollywood is money. Because of the cheap dollar and tax incentives, production in Canada is much cheaper than in the States.

So it makes sense that so many movies and television series are being shot up here in “Hollywood North”. I’m not complaining though, as I do think it’s pretty cool seeing locations that I recognize when I’m watching a movie at the theatre.

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