Female Presence at TIFF

It’s becoming evident that the women of Canada are continuing to make an impact on the world of film. This year at the Toronto International Film Festival, which is being held from September 6-16th, 121 films that were chosen for the festival are either directed or co-directed by a woman.

At last years event, 33.6% of the films selected were directed by women, and this year the number has increased to an impressive 35%. It’s encouraging for girls around the country to see women making a big impact on the film industry. Especially when considering that it used to be very much male-dominated. But as time progresses, it’s becoming more and more evident that the involvement of women has continued to rise over the years. In fact, the Toronto International Film Festival has recently launched a 5 year campaign called ‘Share Her Journey’. The movement was created in order to support women and encourage their participation both in front and behind the camera. As the push for change and equality continues, it’s intriguing to see how much of an effect these campaigns and the women behind them will have on the film industry in a few years from now.

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