The Chris Tanev Situation

What should the Canucks do with Chris Tanev? The shutdown defenseman has been rumored to be on the move for over two years now and obviously nothing has come from the rumors yet. The d-man is one of few movable Canucks that has any actual value, and the re-building Canucks should be moving as many of those assets as possible.

Chris Tanev could potentially be on the move

The main problem with trading Chris Tanev is he does have a modified no trade clause, which means he can submit a list to the Canucks of 8 teams he does not want to be traded to, so Tanev does have some control over his destiny. If Tanev really wanted to stay in Vancouver he could very realistically hamstring the team by just putting the 8 teams he’s most rumored to go to on the list. Right now the main targets are Toronto and the New York Islanders.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are most likely to move pieces for Tanev as they are gearing up for long playoff runs in the near future, but their main deficiency is a main shutdown d-man on their blue line – a role Tanev fits perfectly. What most Canucks fans are expecting from the Leafs is either their first round pick or Timothy Liljegren, the 17th overall pick in the 2017 entry draft.

The New York Islanders are another team that is looking for more consistency on their defense, a role Tanev would obviously fill. The Islanders hold the 11th and 12th overall draft picks in this year’s draft, whereas the Maple Leafs hold the 25th. If the Canucks were able to secure one of the Islanders’ picks they would more than likely be able to pick a better d-man than Liljegren, though that would obviously be a tougher task than getting the pick from Toronto.

Regardless, the Canucks don’t seem to want to trade Tanev, but they should definitely explore available options.

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