Artist Spotlight : Luminous

There is one thing you will immediately notice if you are in the presence of Andrew Luminous, his never ending and infectious smile. Luminous is a high energy bundle of creativity that can DJ, produce, compose and engineer sounds of radical positivity. While going through audio engineering classes in North Vancouver he formed the LumiNation collective and started organizing a network of light for those to succeed around him.

Luminous is all about collaboration and collective consciousness. This mindset is displayed in his work ethic and willingness to share experience and knowledge. Whether he is giving tips on mastering and production or helping you record that perfect vocal take, Luminous is the type or artist to put in the extra effort for nothing more than the pure love of music.

Some of Luminous’s best collaborative work arises when he teams up with the multi-talented performance artists extraordinaire, K.Vox. In the track above you can hear the attention to detail in both the tracks production, and vocal processing. The fusion between acoustic and digital music creates a sonic space that accepts the future and past of music. The sounds of Luminous are hand selected to lift your spirit with waves of conscious electronic interference.

Luminous can float from the dark sounds of dirty bass music to angelic vocals effortlessly. You can hear his prowess in audio engineering in the wild sample mashup and electronic squiggling of Message From Above.


Best Birthday I've ever had. 🙂

Posted by Luminous on Thursday, June 1, 2017

If you aren’t convinced of the raw positivity of Luminous, spend a moment with him in his psychedelic studio throwing down the bass. You will be dancing in your seat by the end of the video! Follow Luminous on SoundCloud and Facebook to stay connected with the next magical audio tapestry this sonic explorer creates!

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