Vancouver Cannabis Dispensaries May Be Forced to Change Suppliers

City council is discussing a potential motion that will require dispensaries in Vancouver to carry cannabis grown by federally licenced producers.

At this time it is reported that the majority, if not all, dispensaries, licensed and unlicensed, obtain their cannabis supply from producers that are not regulated by Health Canada.

Rachel Costales, a local dispensary employee, shared her thoughts on the situation.

It really depends on your resources, like you have to know your people, and like obviously trust is a big thing with that too right, like we’re selling their product right? So it’s like we have to know what’s in it and what’s going on. Our stuff is tested and stuff like that, so- and we’re not even with the government.

If the motion’s approved, council staff are to report recommendations to strengthen requirements in licensing dispensaries by this coming July.

For Evolution 107.9, I’m William Cook.

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