Starbucks Employee Expresses Little Concern for Public use of Starbucks Bathroom

Following the recent controversial arrest at a Starbucks in the states, Starbucks has announced that they will be opening their bathrooms for the general public to use. While this could entail potential problems such as intoxicated people or the homeless, Steph, a barista at the Lougheed Highway location however, expressed only little concern for the change.

I think that could be an issue potentially, if it’s like, safety concerns for other customers or the staff, but I think before that, like it shouldn’t be, like it’s just a general place that the public should use the bathroom.

And with a strong understanding of Starbucks policy, this new change is of little worry.

Starbucks has a policy of like you assume the best of people, so in my experience, like, if people don’t buy a drink, juts let them use it.

For Evolution 1079, I’m Brooke Graham.


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