Collectives on the Rise: LumiNation

Music is better with other people! Whether you are enjoying a concert experience with other attendees or making a song with the friends in your band, working together adds meaning and enjoyment. One great example of this is the rising LumiNation collective based out of BC! This cosmic collection of intergalactic spirits brings a refreshing energy and diversity to the Vancouver art scene.

It’s hard to pin this crew down to one thing because they truly do it all. They organize amazing art raves and then bring in their amazing roster of LumiNation artists to do the rest. The collective contains DJs, producers, rappers, singer songwriters, dancers, visual artists, fire spinners and more!

Posted by LumiNation on Sunday, March 18, 2018


I attended there last event, the Astralis Art Rave at the Korean Cultural center in East Van. I was thoroughly impressed by the uplifting energy in the chill out room they created. I felt like someone had managed to transport the Shambhala music festival effortlessly into the middle of an urban zone. You can catch a large portion of the the LumiNation artists at the Arrival music festival coming up May 18th-20th in Squamish!


new production by The Creator

Posted by LumiNation on Friday, February 23, 2018


I’m sure you are curious as to what this magical music sounds like. Above you can hear a heavy trap step track by LumiNation producer The Creator. Did I mention this talented crew also created that sick visualizer. This crew embraces all frontiers of art from the physical expression of dance to the digital experimentation of video processing.

Check out the LumiNation website to get to know all of the artists on the roster. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of waves available to oscillate your mind to a higher vibration!

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