Supporting the Scene : Loop Sessions

If you were to enter Nemesis Coffee last month during the inaugural edition of Loop Sessions Vancouver, you would have heard the focused clicking of 20 pairs of hands tapping away at samplers and midi keyboards. In a little over 3 hours, a selection of unique sonic landscapes were created and shared.

For those of you unfamiliar, Loop Sessions is a beat making social which started in Montreal. Locals producers Nicky Buckets and Mickey J. Blige brought the concept to the West Coast and Loop Sessions Vancouver was born. At these events a record is selected and every participant gets 5 minutes to pull as many magical samples as they can locate. In the following hours the producers get to work with their laptops and gear brought from home. At this event you will see everything from MPC and digital samplers, to completely in the box Ableton set ups. The beauty of this event definitely lies in the surprising diversity which can come out of the same sample . Trap hits, lo-fi love songs, even some funky disco, nothing is off limits!

As you can see in the video above, getting started on making a track can be an extremely efficient process in the world of electronic music. It is also clear to see that having the vibes of other creative individuals can definitely lead to inspiration in your own creation!

Loop Sessions 2 is Wednesday May 16th at Nemesis Coffee in Gastown. If you are a music producer, this event is not to be missed. Be sure to swing by around 6 to enjoy quality coffee, beats and artistic expression!

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