Supporting the Scene : Groundwerk

You’ve spent every last cent of your savings on analog synthesizers and obscure outboard gear. After 2 consecutive weeks locked in your basement studio your mother is no longer leaving you sandwiches at the door. The neighbors have filed another noise complaint, and the sun hasn’t touched your skin in weeks. Why are you doing this? Putting your health and sanity all on the line just to produce that one perfect techno beat. After all of this effort put into track creation, It would be lovely if you could get more than 7 plays on your SoundCloud (try to forget that 5 of those plays were you listening to your own track).

For those who create, listen to, or are curious about electronic music, Vancouver’s Groundwerk listening party is the perfect place to share ideas and build connections. Groundwerk follows a simple format at each of there monthly events. To start, a keynote speaker related to the electronic scene will have a interview style discussion with the event’s organizer, Joel West. After the discussion, the floor is open for anyone to ask any pressing questions. The highlight of these events for me though is definitely the listening party portion.

Prior to the event, an online submission form is created and artists are encouraged to post a track that they have been working on which has not been uploaded to any online platform yet. Aproximately 20 to 30 songs are selected by the Groundwerk team to be played on club quality monitors. The songs shared are always a diverse and refreshing reflection of what is brewing in the electronic music scene. Lo-fi hip hop, industrial techno, acid house, trap bangers, expect to hear it all and then some!

Groundwerk 29 is going to be on May 23rd at the Anza Club located in the lovely Mt.Pleasant area of Vancouver. I highly encourage you to submit a track if you produce as well! Submissions close May 16th at 11:59 pm, and open 2 weeks after for the next Groundwerk event. What are you waiting for? Get out there and share all those amazing sounds you’ve been creating!

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