Concerns with the Upcoming Ban on Plastic Straws

Banning single used straws in the greater Vancouver area, has been a topic of much controversy in past, especially the last couple weeks. With a revised report going to city council tomorrow, and the ban said to be implemented next November, time is of the essence for many business and stores to find an alternative product. Carmen, an employee at Sunflower Bubble Tea, explained her concerns about the upcoming ban, and what she believes could be a substitute for plastic straws:

I don’t think people will like to use a plastic cup and then drink it that way. I think that would negatively affect many businesses, not only us. Like, reusable straws, or some straws that are made from some natural material, not plastic.

 Although this does create concerns for many businesses, Vancouver is looking to take the leap at not only reducing single-use items, but protecting our environment.

For Evolution 1079, I’m Brooke Graham.

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