What is the Best Stanley Cup Finals Scenario?

What Stanley Cup finals scenario is the best? Would you want to see the Winnipeg “Canada’s team” Jets vs. the Washington “Get Ovi a cup” Capitals or the Vegas “What, they’re still in?” Golden Knights vs. the Tampa Bay “How are they the villain” Lightning.

I personally don’t like the whole “Canada’s team” angle for the Jets as most fans in Canada want their team to be the team to break the no cups in Canada curse. Though the story of the Jets coming from Atlanta and never having won a playoff series is an interesting one. Winnipeg is also a city that would appreciate a cup, probably more than any other city still in the playoffs.

Washington is a team that has also never won a cup, despite being in the league since 1974. The main reason hockey fans want them to win is to see Ovechkin finally get his cup, as some people still don’t consider him as one of the game’s greatest until he wins a championship. They are also beating the Lightning without their number one center, Nick Backstrom.

Ovechkin tucks one past Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy

The Vegas Golden Knights are also one of the most interesting stories of the playoffs, as they are doing the unbelievable as an expansion team. It’s really hard to believe in the Golden Knights but they keep destroying expectations.

The Tampa Bay Lightning seem to be the “villain” of the playoffs, probably because of their elite season and lack of a real storyline behind them. The Lightning are also the only team left in the playoffs to have won a Stanley Cup (2004). I believe the ideal matchup entertainment wise would be jets vs. caps, but this year should be exciting regardless of the matchup.

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