Nightlife Review : Ramen Gorilla at Redgate

Breakcore at breakneck speeds! Helium pitched voices and squelching acid gabber bass, all at 180 BPM! Don’t forget the distorted industrial synth wave with degraded vocals. If there is one thing for certain, it’s that the Ramen Gorilla music showcase at Redgate was  wacky, wild, and wonderful. The Downtown Eastside community art space located on Hastings is known for providing a low cost solution for emerging artists in Vancouver to share their alternative sounds across the spectrum of music. May will be the last month for the arts collective at their current location, with the Vancouver housing market laying waste to another crucial venue for experimentation. Thankfully the crew has claimed a new venue space and will be back in action this summer. These recent developments, along with the amazing spread of local artists made this another night with a perfectly packed dance floor. Just close enough to keep the heat and energy high, but enough space to fully form any undulation of the limbs.


The highlight of the night for me was definitely the fast paced drum break barrage provided by Hitori Tori. Using a customized controller and software setup, the electronic artists layered countless loops over the span of his set and kept the crowd in a frenzy as they attempted to follow the ever changing acid bass squelches.

Opener fallow twin went all in, bringing in a complicated set up involving a hulking modular system and an array of synthesizers and FX pedal madness. Another high point was the wide assortment of dance music mixed by Okibi. His set took the listener on a journey, running from the roots of dub and reggae to the urban futurism of jungle turntablism.

Ramen Gorilla was a special night because it provided a place for artists to truly experiment on the outer edges of what music can be. Whether it was ridiculous fast paced rhythms rarely traversed, or wild levels of distortion feedback and noise, pushing the boundary was definitely a theme of the night. Everything was tied together by the wild psychedelic visual projection work of Yasushi Harada, and it made for a complete head trip of a night. If you haven’t been to 855 East Hasting, check out Redgate before they move on to unexplored dance floor territory. Thank you Ramen Gorilla for keeping Vancouver’s electronic scene wild and weird!

Who loves ramen?

Posted by Yasushi Harada on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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