Nightlife Review : Objekt at Open Studios

Dark, distorted pulsing bass, in perfect sync with the ever morphing phantasmic light show which pulses behind Berlin based British born techno don, Objekt. He scans the crowd with intensity, searching for signs of comfort before launching into another off kilter wave of heavy syncopated kick drums. For those in Vancouver’s techno scene, the return of Objekt to Open Studios on Saturday May 12th was a highly anticipated occasion. The producer is on a hot streak, with his track “Theme from Q” winning the coveted  track of the year from mixmag magazine last year.

The energy emanating from Open Studios was palpable as I approached the venue. Clusters of darkly dressed dancers stood outside the entrance smoking, heads nodding as the rhythm cut through the walls of the East Van art space. I wound my way up the stairs and entered the crowded black box as Vancouver locals Max Ulis and Nancy Dru worked the crowd to fever pitch with a wide selection including an upbeat major key garage house tracks which provided refreshing breathing space between the aural assault.

A few minutes past one, the pale lanky figure of Objekt appeared as he leaned over his box of records to procure his first track of the night. As he seamlessly transitioned out of the last set the intensity of dancing across the crowd surged. Objekt had a focus and commitment rarely seen in the nightlife world. Right until the end of his 3 hour marathon set he kept the energy in the room at breaking point. This dedication was noticed by the crowd, as the majority of electronic enthusiasts stayed out right until 4 am .

As I rode away from the venue I felt a deep satisfaction that only endless hours of bombastic bass can provide. From the staff and venue atmosphere, to the crowd and music selection, Objekt at Open studios was a perfect night. For those of you unfamiliar with Objekt’s work, I encourage you delve into his sounds, you will not be disappointed! Next Saturday Open Studios welcomes the acid legend Tin Man to the booth. If you love to dance on the cutting edge of electronic sound, Open Studios is the place to be for the techno head to EDM interested.


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