Housing: Human Right or Investment?

Like many other rising cities, Vancouver’s rapid growth in development, and immigration has left it in a housing crisis.

Today, younger generations are already beat out by the market and the hopes of buying a place to call your own are quickly squandered.

Tesicca Truong, an organizer for Code Red, a campaign that pushes for “homes first” explains their approach to making homes more affordable.

We believe that we need to take a three-pronged approach to address the housing affordability crisis. And that’s using a combination of three tools. One, to reduce harmful demand. Two, to create a surge in suitable supply of homes. And three, to tax housing wealth more fairly.

With the recent taxes and policies put in place, partnered with the efforts from local municipalities, hopes for a more affordable home are high.

For Evolution 107.9, I’m Margaux Blakeley.

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