Finally On-Air

It’s May 11th, and time is fast approaching for my moment to shine. It’s at this point I must remember everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve been trained to do, to make this perfect for me. For am I nearly approaching my time to be an on-air personality here at Evolution 107.9.

In my case, this isn’t exactly a new job for me as I’ve practiced it before, but what worries me is: “Will I sound good on air?”, “Can I make it sound like I’m able to create a sense of one-to-one communication?”, and “Can I bring out the best in myself?” What I mean by this is that I’m wondering whether or not I can make a good point on-air, can I bring up a topic and explain it to the point where I can get others on my side? Well, that’s soon going to be put to the test.

What I’m also afraid is the fact that I also have issues with stuttering and lisping, especially in just basic communication. I know it’s normal to have these problems, but I want to find a way to move away from this and actually sound pretty damn professional on-air.

It’s gonna take time, for sure, and I’ll definitely need to put in a lot of effort in practicing and getting ready this weekend, but still I worry about the possibility of sounding really bad on-air. It could just be me being nervous, but still, if I can avoid it, I would. Only a few days left, let’s find out and see what happens.




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