Webcomics And You

I’m not too sure what originally got me into surfing the net for web comics, but I’m pretty sure it started back in high school around grade 10. Back when I still took art classes and loved to doodle on everything and was trying to find my niche and the path I wanted to take. Regardless, I thought I wanted to be an artist of some sort all the way back then. And so I would follow and read through a bunch of different web comics out of admiration and a want for inspiration. After all, what these people were doing was what I wanted to do when I grew up.. Though my plans have changed over the years, obviously, and my interests have progressed, I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to many different comics through the years.

When looking for web comics to read you of course have a boundless amount of options. The greatest thing about the Internet is that there’s an unlimited supply of content to subscribe to. However, this can also be one of the world wide webs greatest faults. With, forgive my emphasis, zillions of options to choose from it can sometimes be hard to find a web comic that you might actually enjoy. That being said, there are plenty of lone comic makers out there, but also a couple of really helpful (publishing sites I guess you could say?) I’ve found that can get you on the track of finding a comic you’ll really enjoy.

I’m a big fan of Hiveworks Comics and follow pretty much every comic they seem to publish. The company is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publishing site with a heavy focus on free to read web comics. With options to sort through different age rating and genres, some of my favourite comics fall under the Romance and Fairytale section. I’d say with my experience reading through a variety of different content this company puts out, a lot of what they approve to publish seems fairly fluffy with a heavy focus on mystic, magic and other cute-sy things.

Webtoon on the other hand has a variety of much more adult themed content. As opposed to Hiveworks, though this site does seem to have to approve content to some degree, it appears as if the company lets a lot more slide. With a much larger amount of content to choose from, I assume this more relaxed censorship of content is due to the fact that the company may be larger and more diverse. I still indulge in a variety of cute-sy comics on this site, however, there are a ton of more interesting horror, mystery and thriller comics here as well. Much like Hiveworks you can choose to narrow your search down by ratings and genres, however, unlike Hiveworks, Webtoon does not offer you the option to choose by age rating.

Are you a fan of web comics already? What are some of your favourite to read?


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