Sunday Showdown

Premier John Horgan is welcoming Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this Sunday to continue negotiations regarding the Kinder Morgan trans mountain pipeline expansion.

From day one of campaigning Horgan has stayed true to his word, halting construction and taking the matter to court. BC’s government is now drawing the ire of Alberta and the Canadian feds.

Horgan continues to stay confident with his decision.

“I have been doing what i said i would do and thats defend BC’s coast. We are doing it in a lawful matter and uh there is nothing to stand down from. We are in court, uh we’re gunna stay in court we are putting forward a reference I welcome Alberta and Canada to join us”.

With Alberta’s economy possibly suffering without the expansion, the looming threat of a provincial battle lies in the balance.

Oh, and on top of that the federal government maintaining its pro pipeline stance is no help to BC.

Time will tell how the oranges will fall.

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