Spring Has Been Sprung

It’s weird to think that Spring has been sprung already for a few weeks, what with the weather being so… Odd. As a woman of only 22, I’d say this year I’ve witnessed probably one of Mother Nature’s most confusing seasonal shifts. From a straight week of sunshine and tshirt weather to snow warnings, environmentally it’s been one crazy ride. But hey, can you really expect anything different what with global warming and all that jazz? That being said, you can now definitely say that spring is finally here. It’s in the air, in the trees, and definitely in the overhanging dreary gray rain clouds on the horizon.

As a person whose grown up on the west coast, you may already have a slew of indoor activities you go through every rainy season just to keep yourself entertained. However, the occasional Netflix binge, movie marathon, board game tournament or even bowling night can get boring after a few runs. So with that being said, here are a few of my favourite indoor joints to hit up on an especially stormy spring day (or night).

H.R MacMillan Space Centre – Just because the sky is cloudy, doesn’t mean you should miss out on a chance at seeing the night sky! If you’re a big space geek or even just interested in learning more about the universe, the space centre has a variety of different shows that can open you up to a variety of experiences. From seeing how a star is born to learning more about dark matter, or even just plain old gravity, there’s a ton of different shows to catch all throughout the day.

The Vancouver Art Gallery – Everyone’s come across the Vancouver Art Gallery in some way shape or form. Whether it be on a school field trip or on a classy date, the Art Gallery is a self paced visual rollercoaster ride that exposes you to different cultures and different people’s interpretations of the concept that is art. With exhibits that change every few months, there’s always something new to pop in and see.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum – I have always, ALWAYS wanted to check out this museum, as a person whose forever been interested in history, culture and all that boring jazz it’s been a dream of mine to step into a museum that exposes you to all those elements and soak it all in. There’s even exhibits about dinosaurs! How cool is that? Regardless of all that nerdy stuff, this is the perfect place to kill a few hours while you wait out the rain.

Castle Fun Park – I’ll be the first to admit that the last few options might not have been up your alley, in fact, they may have been a bit.. Boring. HOWEVER, I can assure you that Castle Fun Park is far from that. It’s sad to think that there aren’t more places out in Vancouver to indulge in some good old fashioned arcade games, however, if you’re willing to make the trek out to Abbotsford I can assure you that it won’t be for nothing. At Castle Fun Park you can stay inside, stay dry, all while playing mini golf, skee ball, you can even hit a few balls at the batting cage if that’s your thing!

What are some of your favourite indoor places to go to? Shoot us a suggestion!

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