Trudeau Flip Flops

If you are a British Columbian, chances are you have an opinion on the expansion of the Kinder Morgan trans mountain pipeline.

How did we get to this point? How come over the past decade there has been so many debates on this sensitive subject without finding a common ground?

When ever anything is broken, look to the leaders and politicians. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned against the expansion initially, now the federal government is for it.

There’s even proof he at one point was anti pipeline

Reporter “They’ll say no matter what the scientific evidence, they dont want that pipeline on their territories, would no mean no under your government?”

Trudeau “uhh absolutely”


With a possible natural resource civil war brewing, time will tell whether the expansion happens.

Personally I am easy with whatever decision they make. I just want politicians held accountable for their intentions, maybe start a politicians ethics course for government employees.

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