The Mysticism of It All

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been super interested in mysticism and the occult. Not interested to the point of believing every theory or concept that comes out of it regardless of logic and reason, more so interested in educating myself more about the topic. One of the most generally known concepts about mysticism is astrology, your zodiac sign and the effects it has on you as a person. Astrology for the most part is vague irrelevant fluff, I for one am not even a fan of my zodiac sign. That being said, if anyone tries to tell me that I’m Gemini and not in fact a Taurus, I will physically fight them.

Are you a fan of your zodiac sign though? When looking up the characteristics of a ‘Leo’, or ‘Aries’ or whatever else sign you may be, you’re generally only looking for the good. What a lot of people seem to skim over is the bad, the ugly, and the oh my god, am I actually like that? Take for example my zodiac sign, a Taurus. I’m loyal, but apparently, I’m also stubborn. Not only that, but apparently Taurus’ are extremely materialistic. There’s a variety of other cons to this sign. But I can remember one of the first times I ever read over my sign I was… To be blunt, kind of offended. A Taurus though, isn’t even one of the worst signs. Apparently Cancers, Gemini’s and Virgo’s are people who, at least across social media memes, have been blacklisted completely.

Let’s delve deeper into the zodiac hole, because there’s always a chance that your ascendant and moon sign could make you a better person. That’s right, there’s more! Apparently your ascendant sign marks your appearance, attitude and demeanor and can be calculated by the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born. Your moon sign can be calculated by what sign the moon was at your direct time of birth, whatever that means. I didn’t even know the moon could be a sign at any time. Trying to figure this out could either make you happier about your birth date or… Sadder, as was in my case.

That being said, zodiac signs are all a bunch of hooey anyways so. Try not to take things too seriously.

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