Fist-Pumping Jerzdays Are Back

I am a lover of trash TV and one my all time favourites is back!! Jersey Shore was that show that I half ashamedly admit never missed any episode so why would I start now? When I heard the show was having a reunion season I was stoked but I mean the great thing about that show was their single-drunk adventures and now only one of them is truly single out of the 6 of them and 4 are even parents! So how are you going to entertain me for an hour? Well after watching the 2 episode premiere last week, I came to realize that it was going to be better than ever. Being responsible adults just means that they’re going to take advantage of any opportunity to let loose and have a good time. Things have really changed with each of them and it’s kind of nice to see that change. Don’t even get me started on Mike “The Situation” who has been sober for 2 years and has done a complete 180 of his life, proud of you Mike! Granted, it’s only episode 3 now so we’ll see how that goes.

Of course, the show is still full of drama, even without Sammi who everyone kind of labelled as the drama queen but they can’t blame her for it now. In fact, her deciding to not take part in the reunion has made me realize that Ron is a bigger drama queen. I’ve also kind of noticed he likes to play the victim card or act like he’s being the bigger person when really he’s just being manipulative, just me? Hmm, I’m trying to give him the benefit of doubt since it’s only episode 3 so only time will tell. So, in case you’re wondering what I’ll be doing on Thursdays.., well there’s your answer!

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