Wanderlust Is A Curse

The travel bug is a funny thing because it’s an itch that no amount of scratching will make go away. Think about it. Whenever, I go on vacation no matter how far or close it may be it only makes my need to travel bigger. On top of that, travelling has become a right of passage in ways. A norm of sorts. Nowadays, it has become extremely common for people to travel all over the globe. It’s beautiful to see people exploring different cultures and ultimately learning new things. I believe that this kind of knowledge is priceless and is really is for the greater good of this planet. Being more knowledgeable on different cultures will result in more empathetic people.

One thing I have been struggling with, and so have a lot of my friends, is finding the perfect balance between travel and your career. I mean travel is not cheap and finding ways to fund all those trips is important. Sure there are a lucky few who can work abroad or even get paid to travel (that is the dream) but the reality is that oftentimes you can find yourself tied down by other obligations. The problem is that you might love what you’re doing but the NEED to travel is so strong that it makes you want to drop everything and book the first flight out. A lot of the time my web browser is just a bunch of tabs looking at cheap airline tickets. So yea, wanderlust is both a blessing and a curse. Blessed to have the drive to explore and learn but cursed to inevitably have to choose between travelling the world or my career. Don’t worry though, I am determined to find the perfect balance! It is possible! “Where there’s a will there’s a way”… or something like that.

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