The Best Kind Of Club

There are many great clubs, nightclubs, turkey clubs, country clubs, but the best is by far book clubs. I never really realized how great book clubs were until my years in high school. See I had a bad taste in my mouth about book clubs because I always just imagined them as those reading groups you’d be forced into in Elementary school, remember those? If you don’t then let me refresh your memory. There often was about 5 books for you to choose from and you’d get a synopsis of each book, then the teacher would call you up one by one so you could inform her on your pick. The problem with this is that it gave you no time to discuss with your friends on which book you should all pick so that you’d end up in the same group. Instead you’d end up with a random selection of kids. The other problem with this system is that not everyone likes reading and so you’d end up in a group with people who could care less about reading let alone the underlying message of the Outsiders. This carried onto high school until my final year when I was blessed with an incredible group when I picked The Kite Runner. So I’ll let you in on a little secret, I kind of cheated this time around. I had already read The Kite Runner before and so I thought this would just make the whole experience a little easier and a lot let less painful. Except, I was in for a big surprise when the group actually turned out to be awesome! I reread the book and it was a completely different experience as we’d all come together everyday to discuss what we had read and analyze the literature. I had a newfound excitement in group reading and book clubs. Unfortunately it seemed like that was both the beginning and end to something beautiful. Years went by and I would read on my own and constantly crave those group discussions. Eventually I began to work at a bookstore and some of my coworkers began a book club for both employees and customers and I finally got my fix.

Currently I’m in no book club which makes me sad. I’m constantly trying to push books on my friends so that I’ll have someone to discuss the book with, but let’s be real it’s hard to enjoy anything when you feel like it’s being forced onto you. I’m definitely itching to find a good book club though so my search will continue. If you think about it, book clubs can be compared to a lot of things, like when girls get together to watch The Bachelor together and spend the entire time talking about the contestants and who should or shouldn’t get a rose. I’d even go as far as comparing it to sports highlights, when commentators get together and discuss the game and teams. I’m just saying there needs to be more book clubs.

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