Little White House & Co.

Not to be too self deprecating but I am by no means a classy lady, at least not in today’s society’s sense of the term. I’m not delicate, fragile or well poised. My manners are… Alright I suppose, but nowhere in any part of me can you find a sense of, ‘fancy’, or ‘etiquette’ nature. That being said, I will confess that I love tea parties. Recently I had the opportunity to head over to Little White House & Co. in Fort Langley with social media superstar Shauny Molina, it’s a super cute little tea house and boutique that offers some of my two favourite things, food and FASHION. Though we didn’t really have a clue as to what we were originally getting ourselves into we were pleasantly surprised and satisfied by the end of it all.

Purely going off of aesthetic, not even stepping in to the tea house itself you can sense an air of chic minimalism. The entire building is just what the name entails, a little white house. Though dingy in certain light, even the dreariness of some of the faded panels lends a hand to a more antique undertone. The only thing that was probably due for a change about the outside was the fact that parking was fairly minimal on a solely gravel lot. But let’s not kid ourselves, even the gravel lent a hand to the buildings simple nature. The boutique part of the house was really cute too of course, it even extended to the entire top level of the house. Though we did a quick walk through, let’s be real, we were there for the food.

Now, when you sit at your table and talk with your server you’re of course given the option to order food individually, or, you have the choice to have afternoon tea. Which, of course, is what we came there for. You may have the misunderstanding that tea comes with simply a scone or biscuit, but you would be wrong. We were given a variety of food to choose from all stacked up on a pretty china set. Considering the fact that I’m generally a little picky when it comes to trying new food, especially when the servers don’t tell us what exactly we’re getting, I was surprised to find that I loved all of it. Though the bites were small, the flavour was… Like I can’t even explain it other than it all tasted fricking amazing. My favourites were probably the citrus meringues, the powdered sugar cookies and of course the mini cupcakes. So, the entire dessert section basically.

All that being said, I would definitely go there again in times where I need to feel a little fancy or just want to try those tasty treats again. In fact, the day after Shauny and I went we made another reservation for us and the rest of the Evolution girl gang to go there. Date’s coming up soon, I can’t wait!

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