Am I The Only One Who Played This?

Now, I’m not really much of a gamer and by much I mean, not at all. But everyone out there can remember one of their first favourite video games. My first and for a majority, my only, ever gaming experiences were in connection to the Playstation 2 console. A game I particularly remember, was Ribbit King. I used to play it with my younger brother and the neighborhood kids all the time. And I can remember it being really fun. According to Wikipedia, Ribbit King is a sports video game based on the fictional sport of Frolf. According to my current friends, however, it looks, ‘lame,’, and like the low budget back alley version of Mario Golf.

But let’s talk some more about Ribbit King. Originally developed by Infinity and Jamsworks and published by Bandai for the Nintendo in 2003, according to Wikipedia (again) the game is a successor to Kero Kero King, which was released solely in Japan. I want to attribute the lack of knowledge and recollection of this game to the fact that it was brought out due to the success of another game which was popular only in Japan. Which is nowhere close to where I live, obviously. The video games that were popular in this heavily westernized culture kind of drowned out the more obscure ones on the market. Except for those gaming enthusiasts who seek out niche games like this one, of course.

The basic idea of the game was one that was similar to golf. Except for the fact that instead of a golf ball, you get to whack a frog around. (Note, probably not cool for the vegans and vegetarians out there.) The person who hit their frogs to the hole in the quickest time possible earned the most points. At the same time, you could send your frog through hoops and collect points through a variety of other obstacles on their way to the hole.

One of the things I remember being really cool about this game was the fact that it came with a second CD, one that had a variety of CGI films about the characters of the game itself. For the people who always skip through the story parts of their games, this is probably the best way to do things since, you know, you could just chuck the stories out and not have to bother with them. From what I can remember, the whole plot was driven by the goal of helping the main character become the Frolf Champion, why? Well. It was to save his planet. Duh.

Please tell me if you’ve come across this game in your lifetime. Someone out there must have played it at some point… Like at a neighbourhood kids or 3rd cousins house maybe? Got any other lame games you want to reminisce about? I have… A few. Tell me one of your fave lame games!

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