Parquet Courts: The Best Band You Don’t Know About

Parquet Courts are back; Cue: their modest fan base having a collective freak out.

In their new music video “Wide Awake!” the Brooklyn rockers parade through a Mardi Gras celebration clad in matching purple suits, dipping beignets into coffee, and dancing with Elvis impersonators.

Fans of Parquet Courts will be surprised by the song’s new musical direction; the result of working with famed producer Danger Mouse. The new funky groove is a welcome addition to their sound, but I would be willing to bet that we’ll see some more traditional PQ songs when their next LP “Wide Awake!” arrives on streaming services May 18th.

Check out the records track listing below:

1. “Total Football”
2. “Violence”
3. “Before the Water Gets Too High”
4. “Mardi Gras Beads”
5. “Almost Had to Start a Fight/In And Out of Patience”
6. “Freebird II”
7. “Normalization”
8. “Back to Earth”
9. “Wide Awake”
10. “NYC Observation”
11. “Extinction”
12. “Death Will Bring Change”
13. “Tenderness”

Here’s another track from the upcoming release:

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