Love Letters

Just the other day I was going through an old dusty photo album that was practically coming apart at the seams from being over stuffed with pictures. It was a mess of pictures too. Everything from colourful baby pictures of me and my siblings to faded pictures of my grandparents on their farm. It was nice to sit and look back at the past and imagine what life must have been like for them. What caught my attention the most was the greeting cards that were tucked all the way into the back. Hand-drawn greeting cards. One had a big red heart with doves meeting in the middle for a kiss. At first I thought that was all there was to it but when I opened it the entire card was full of handwriting, from top to bottom. It was in Spanish and the handwriting was a little difficult to read but I made out what I could and pieced together the rest. It turns out that they were love letters my dad sent to my mother when he moved to California and she was still in Guatemala. The gesture was sweet but it got me thinking, at what point did love letters become extinct? It makes sense that with the advances of technology you no longer need to send a physical card but what would even be the present day equivalent to a love letter? The close I’ve come to a love letter would be an “are you up?” text at 2 am and there’s nothing romantic about that. Sure maybe during Valentine’s Day, birthdays, maybe anniversaries your significant give you a cute little Hallmark card with a cliché quote that conveys your message (along with the other 7.6 billion people in this world). I’m not saying you have to send me a written essay via a raven. Just some thought and genuine expression of feeling. Like my mother always said “use your words”.

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