For The Love Of Sports

Sports have always been the best way to get kids active and socializing. Chances are you were involved in some kind of sport team or program at some point in your life. You might not have been any good at it but that’s besides the point. It’s also great for the parents because it’s a way of getting rid of the kids for a bit, am I right? If you did play sports then you most likely fall under at least one of the following:

1. Soccer
2. Baseball/Softball
3. Volleyball
4. Basketball
5. Hockey
6. Football
7. Dance
8. Track and Field
9. Cross country

These are what I like to call the Basic Sports. They’re widely popular and the most commonly talked about sports but there’s still so many sports out there that aren’t as popular but they should be.

1. Ultimate: I have seen the sport grow tremendously over the years and I think it’s great! I myself never got into the sport but I watched a lot and can appreciate the hard work that goes into it. If you’re sitting there thinking “it’s just throwing a frisbee” then you are SO wrong and have clearly never watched an actual ultimate game. Not only that but it’s one of the few sports that is for the most part coed.

2. Rugby: Ok, as a former rugby player I may be a little bias.. ok a lot bias when I say that it’s the greatest sport of all time. Sure you’re either tackling someone or being tackled 97% of the time but you’re also connected to your teammates on a whole new level. I also always felt that their was so much respect between players and teams despite wanting to knock every player into the ground.

3. Swimming: Sure just about everyone learns to swim but imagine doing that competitively. I never really thought about it until I found out a classmate competed. She was a very smart, shy girl who once, at the age of 12 beat our 30 year old student liaison at doing the most pull ups. The girls arms were ripped! But you’d never know because she always kept it under wraps.

4. Cricket: First of all, have you ever tried to play cricket? Maybe it was just me, but it was difficult for me to understand the game. Actually it was difficult for my entire grade 10 PE class. So much so that our PE teacher had to dumb it down for us and give us a “simplified” version (I was still quite clueless) but I enjoyed myself so much! I was also extremely tired but don’t tell! I think I did a good job of hiding my panting and wheezing.

In the end, you’re right though, it doesn’t matter what sport they’re joining on as long as they’re staying active; on the other hand, why not widen your horizons and try something new?

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