Them International Boy Bands

Hello yes, I would like to address you to this photo because once again I have sunk into a hole of listening to the exact same music and the exact same songs over and over again once more. If you don’t know me that well, you may not have known that I had a HUGE KPOP phase back in 2010-2011. Why? I have no idea. How did I come across it? Well… I think I maybe overheard classmate of mine, who was also an exchange student, blast 2NE1 through their headphones once and I was hooked. If you don’t know me that well you may also be unaware of the fact that I have the astound and astonishing ability to play a song over and over and over again until.. I don’t even get annoyed. I just move on to a different song to overplay. Overplaying songs is my special talent. If I were a on my little pony my cutie mark would be a musical note beside a bleeding ear. That being said, recently… Or not so recently since I’m pretty sure this latest phase of overplay started to brew after BTS played the American Music Awards, I’ve been playing KPOP again anywhere and everywhere, at whatever time I want. Not just any KPOP. No, I’ve strictly been sticking to boybands! What can I say except… Their hair and talent, among other things obviously, is just so entertaining? Let me just say that KPOP is absolutely wild and if you really want the full experience, I’d probably watch a music video or two. With that being said, I’d now like to direct you to some of my fave KPOP boy band bangers right now.

  1. BTS – DNA
  1. GOT7 – Teenager
  1. EXO – Monster
  1. iKON – Love Scenario

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