Furniture That Speaks To Me

I’m not usually one to look at an inanimate object and think

“this lamp says I’m a classy ambitious young woman ready to conquer the world”

Instead I’m the kind of person who looks at a second-hand lamp and thinks

“Based on the floral print I imagine a young woman bought this lamp brand new about 20 years ago and it sat on her living room side table where her cat would often use the sides to scratch its back”.

Yup, I know it’s kind of weird but that’s just the way my brain is wired. That’s also one of the biggest reasons I love going to vintage stores and antique shops. The other day Mckenna and I spent our day in Fort Langley hopping from one antique shop to another and I was in heaven. Every item I would look at I would suddenly wonder who it belonged to and I’d start wonder about the kind of person they were and the kind of life they lived. I’d see an old Barbie doll, y’know the kind that isn’t technically barbie but it’s close enough, and I would suddenly imagine this little girl sitting in her carpeted room dressing her Barbie and making sure she looked the prettiest. At one point we came across an old wicker picnic basket and the romantic side of me imagined a young couple taking a stroll in the park, finding the best tree to sit under, read out loud to each other and share a sandwich. Sometimes, I’d see an item that would remind me of something from my own childhood like when we came across a crate of records right next to a crate of Barbies and I began to tell Mckenna

“When I was younger, my mom had a bunch of records and some of the cardboard cases would open up like a book so my sister and I would set them up all over our playroom. They’d basically serve as dividers/walls to make different bedrooms or what not. Then we’d grab our pillows and use those as our barbies beds. It was our makeshift Barbie mansion.”

For you antique shopping might all be about finding that gorgeous armoire that’ll fit perfectly with your decor but for me it’s all about appreciating that simple object and the small little joy it brought into people’s lives (I know that’s cheesy). 


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