FOMO: Baby Clothes?

As a female in her early twenties let me first just say, that babies by far are one of the furthest things from the forefront of my mind. We’re talking interstellar depths here, like. If aliens were to try to look at our planet from the point where babies are, the only thing they’d see is empty space. The Earth isn’t even created yet, that’s how far it is. If this is the same case for you by the way, good for you. You do you, be strong how you want to be.

That being said, the second thing I would like to say is. Baby rompers. Floral jumpsuits. Tiny little sparkly booties that can literally fit in the palm of your hand. Adorableness. Have I got your attention?

Recently I had the pleasure of attending my very first baby shower, one that I was obviously unprepared for as there were numerous occasions when I squealed over how cute something was. Baby clothes are probably some of the cutest things you will ever come across in this lifetime. The amount of frills, puff, ribbons, lace etc. that goes into a baby dress is absolutely CRIMINAL as it’s bound to get stained in one shape or form and never worn again. Also… It’s small so. You know you’ll never fit in that thing. Can you relate? Don’t tell me there hasn’t been an instance where you’ve seen an adorable pair of baby shoes, dress, or maybe even a pajama set? That you wish would come at your size.. But be the same price of course. Pajamas for $5? Yes please.

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