Antiquing Ages You

When you go antiquing you often expect to find a bunch of interesting things. Like kitchy figurines, maybe some of your grandma’s old china, or even an old ottoman or two. What you do not expect to find though, are things that you swear only came out a few years ago. Sure they’re out of date now, but are the antiques? No way. Is this what it feels like to feel old? On a recent trip to one of my favourite little Lower Mainland towns, Fort Langley, social media superstar Shauny Molina and I had to stop by in the Village Antique Mall. It’s probably one of the largest antique shops I’ve come across so far and definitely full to the brim with some amazing stuff. We saw some really gorgeous jewellery sets, old board games that neither of us had ever heard of before and… VHS tapes? Yeah that’s right, apparently VHS tapes can now be considered to be antiques. Though, I swear they only went out of commission 10 or so years ago. Then again, do we you really know for sure how long it takes to make something antique? I googled it, and apparently anything from 20 years ago and on is in fact an antique. However, if it’s from less than 20 years ago it can only be deemed ‘retro’. By this logic, VHS tapes can’t be considered antique… YET. Give it another few years at least.

Is there anything you’ve ever come across in an antique shop that struck you as… Odd or out of place? I’m not talking about the questionable (and slightly sexist) kitchy vintage posters or old used postcards that gave you a bad vibe, though those are definitely something to talk about on another day, I’m talking about the things that DEFINITELY can’t be considered to be old yet.

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