In Conversation With: Jason Corbett and Shannon Hemmett of ACTORS


Jason Corbett, Alexis Dayfoot, and Shannon Hemmett

Last week, Evolution had the pleasure of welcoming Jason Corbett and Shannon Hemmett of ACTORS into the studio for an interview with Alexis.

Aside from discussing their debut album “It Will Come To You”, out March 9th, they had the chance to speak about a few different things – what’s on their personal playlists currently, the most memorable moments whilst touring – including an experience straight out of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and an encounter with the Lisa Marie Presley.

Jason Corbett and Shannon Hemmett of ACTORS

Jason Corbett and Shannon Hemmett

Jason opened up on a personal note, discussing his relationship with performing and alcohol, as well as meditation.

Not to give it all away, but maybe we talked about memes?

This interview will be airing on Evolution on Wednesday, March 7 at 6pm, along with a couple songs off “It Will Come To You.” You can tune in here:

You can hear the full interview here:

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