Hip-Hop Is Dead

Hip-Hop is dead, but only in Vancouver apparently. All I can say is that I’m disappointed in you Vancouver. I’m very involved in the Hip-Hop culture and I’ve always felt a bit like an outcast because Vancouver’s Hip-Hop community is rather small. The things is that I’ll often get people who say they are fans which I get super excited about because I think “YESS! Finally someone who gets it and will understand everything I talk about” and slowly I realize that’s not the case. Often times It’s a very surface level hip-hop love. The kind of love for very mainstream hip-hop or the hits. This has lead to fewer hip-hop artists making appearances in Vancouver. As a major hip-hop lover this is very upsetting. Vancouver is a great big city and yet it seems like we fall short with a lot of things. Our sports teams are mediocre, arts are above average but little rooms for success, fashion isn’t as innovative or exciting, and “the best” music is Top 40. Actually that’s a great way of putting Vancouver: Top 40. It seems like it follows trends and doesn’t bother to hang on to or really appreciate everything. Vancouver is such a great beautiful city with so much potential and yet we’re often left behind. I don’t think I really noticed this until I attended my first concert in Seattle. Once again back in 2015 J. Cole would not bring his Forest Hills Drive tour to Vancouver and so I had to venture to Seattle to catch for what would be my 2nd time. The 1st time I watched J. Cole was at the PNE Forum back in 2014. It was a great concert and he had a live band which just really changed everything. However, when I attended his concert in Seattle I realized just how much the crowd can change the atmosphere. I had a very crappy seat but I was able to sneak my way up somehow with my friends. I was worried that people would be angry or upset but if anything people were happier, y’know the whole “the more the merrier” vibe. We all danced, screamed, and took pictures together like we had known each other our whole lives.

My next concert comparison was for G-Eazy. I went to his When It’s Dark Out tour in Vancouver back in 2016 and just last weekend I went to Seattle for The Beautiful and Damned tour. Again back in 2016 I definitely was impressed and enjoyed my time but it was nothing like the atmosphere in Seattle. It’s like a whole other world where everyone puts all kinds of differences aside and for the night just vibe out to great music. It felt like everyone in the venue was a die hard fan, from the girl being pushed up against the fence at the very front to crappiest nose-bleed seats in the back. I genuinely don’t know what it is but I can hands down say that I prefer concerts in Seattle rather than Vancouver, sorry not sorry.

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