Take It Outside

Whenever I see children I tend to have flashbacks to my childhood and ever since my niece was born those flashback have been more frequent. My flashbacks usually involve my siblings and I running around our backyard. Y’know to those summer days when you’d wake up and head outside, your mother would drag you back inside for dinner which you’d chow down as fast possible so you could run back outside and enjoy the last bit of sunlight. It would be the same thing everyday until the dreaded first day of school. The nostalgia all comes to the fact that I no longer see that. While once my neighbourhood during the summers meant it was swarming with kids running around, it now resembles a barren wasteland. When you think of it that way it’s kind of scary. It’s like the world has been rid of all children, except then you realize nope they’re all just inside probably playing video games or watching Netflix. Of course it’s not completely deserted, maybe I was being a little extra with that but it is a little sad to see the streets to go from lively children running around laughing to nothing but the sounds of my own weird thoughts. Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors! I mean Vancouver only really gets 3 full months of heat and sunshine so you have to make the most of it, am I right? I don’t know about you but that scene in the Dennis the Menace movie when the entire neighbourhood is playing hide and seek was basically how my summers were. With the neighbourhood squad getting together and playing a round of cops and robbers, getting lost in each others backyards. Or even taking a walk to the closest Seven Eleven to stock up on the biggest slurpee and all the candy you could afford, those were the days! I think it’s time bring this tradition back, quite frankly I don’t get why it stopped to begin with. In case you forgot how to play outside here are a few of my favourite outdoor summer games.

  1. Cops and Robbers (duh)
  2. California Kickball (lowkey if anyone wants to get together and play hit me up)
  3. Hide and Seek
  4. Tag
  5. Capture the Flag
  6. Water Balloon fights (WAR)
  7. Grounders (playground required for best results)
  8. Running through sprinklers (could’ve just been a thing in my neighbourhood)
  9. Marco-Polo
  10. Manhunt

I’ve basically just set you up with a killer summer right there, so TAKE IT OUTSIDE!!

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