Extra AF Baby Announcements

If you’ve been living under a rock the past 72 hours (or, another possibility, just don’t care about the Kardasian/Jenner clan) you might not have heard the confirmation of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy… And birth announcement. (The baby’s name has also been released, Stormi…) Anyone with an even slight recollection of entertainment news has heard about the ‘klan’ in some capacity. They almost always have some part of the news and, as my Mum seems to say at least, are famous for being famous. And so it came as a shock to many that Kylie would keep such a surprising secret under wraps. I mean there’s no doubt that pregnancy and babies are one of the most undoubtedly positive publicity stunts a person can pull. Personally, I’d like to say that I applaud her for this choice. I only skimmed what she posted to the world as an explanation, but the jist was that she wished to bring her baby into the world in a stress free and low key environment. Good for her!

In a world that now seems to go over the top baby crazy, this seems to be a novelty. From baby announcements to gender reveals, you’ve most likely seen one that made you think, “Wow. Did this really have to be so extra?”.

I can also imagine seeing such announcements could be intimidating or maybe even make people a little jealous? For us commoners out here in the real world, we can’t really afford to hire professional film crews, photographers, makeup artists or  wardrobe consultants to make baby announcements look over the top glam. I mean let’s face it, I don’t think anyone has a chance in hell of looking as good as Beyonce did in her 2017 ethereal photo shoot.

If you could (and were pregnant, of course) what kind of wild or over the top baby announcement would you have? Would it be a photo shoot, maybe a video or something different? I haven’t given it too much thought, but personally I think if I were pregnant I’d maybe hire a sky write to write the announcement over a big green field or maybe over a lake and have me posing looking cute and fairy like in my slightly pregnant state and… Yeah… Totally haven’t ever thought about this before.

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