Zone Bowling

It’s been raining like crazy all day every day and so people are going to the extremes to find stuff to do in and out of the rain. This was only apparent to me last Saturday though, when on a double date the four of us popped into Zone Bowling and found a long, long wait for just one 10 pin lane. This again is a problem only due to the fact that I don’t have any foresight when making reservations.

If you’re not the biggest fan of bowling or haven’t gone out to the lanes in a while, Zone Bowling is one of the only other ‘chain’ bowling joints besides Revs in the Lower Mainland. With only two locations in Richmond and Coquitlam, I’m extremely surprised first and foremost that there aren’t MORE locations out there! Speaking as a person from out in the sticks (Maple Ridge), the only experience I have with bowling is a tiny, dingy little run down alley in town. With computers that don’t work half the time and pin machines that take about five minutes just to haphazardly prop the pins up again, this bowling spot is like a breath of fresh air. The Zone is clean, it’s pristine and has enough space to house a large amount of people without feeling too packed. (The fact that the Coquitlam location is connected to a really good Bubble Tea place too is also a gigantic plus.)

If you, like a lot of other people in the Lower Mainland are looking to get out of the rain with some friends, I’d say to schedule a night out at the Zone! Just… Remember to make a reservation. Do you have any other fun indoor activities to do? Personally, I’ve been wanting to go Laser Tagging for… Forever.

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