The Wombats

There’s no doubt that there are songs out there that just take you back to a certain time in your life. The song alone has the ability to transport you back to a memory or a certain time-period of your life. The Wombats concert in its entirety did that for me, which is odd because up to that day I had heard very little of their music let alone any of the opening acts music.

The night started off with a band I had never heard of and actually didn’t clearly catch their name up until midway through of their set, Nation of Language. Right off the bat, I was intrigued. Their sound was extremely unique and yet had tones of 80’s disco music which made me feel like I was back living during that time period. It was like I was ready to see John Cusack come swooping in and ask me to dance. In that moment, I thought it was odd that I could have such a vivid image of what that would be like when I was barely even a thought during the 80’s. Let’s just say that Nation of Language just reiterated how powerful music can be. The music paired with the trios quirky sense of style and slightly awkward dancing (which I absolutely loved) worked so well and had me entranced. So despite never having heard of them before that night, you can bet money that they’re in my music library now.

The night then moved on to Future Feats and they did a phenomenal job of pumping up the crowd and setting up the vibe for The Wombats to take the stage. Their energy on the stage did not falter which was incredible considering how hard they were rocking out, especially the drummer who looked like he was getting quite the workout. Just imagine,

Interviewer: What’s your workout secret?
Drummer: Oh y’know, just vigorous rocking out!

Eventually, the time rolled around for The Wombats to take the stage. In fact, seconds before the show started die hard fans behind me began to apologize beforehand saying

“last time I saw them I was sweaty and kept bumping into people, so if that happens tonight please know that I don’t mean to”

to which my response was a simple,

“don’t worry about it, that’s what concerts are all about anyways” 

To say the crowd was excited would be an understatement especially considering The Wombats hadn’t been back to Vancouver since May of 2015 and let’s just say that The Wombats definitely delivered. Their energy was intoxicating and had the entire venue buzzing. The thing with going to a concert to which you’ve heard little to none of their music is that it will be a hit or miss. You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it and The Wombats basically made it impossible for you to hate it. Their interactions with the crowd as well as with each other made the experience intimate and carefree to the point that when bassist Tord took a spill on stage, band members Dan and Murph, along with the crowd were able to take a moment to poke fun and have a good laugh about it. Surprise rolled around when a man in a bear suit came out onto the stage during Tokyo and began handing out Haribo gummy bears, I mean no complaints here they were delicious. As I munched on my handful of Haribo gummy bears my fellow Evolution colleague, Alexis Dayfoot who was photographing the concert, pointed out to me that the bear also had a cucumber. Of course, I laughed thinking that was crazy only to later see the cucumber flying into the crowd.

Annabelle was the lucky recipient of the cucumber!

Between the 80’s synth, extreme rocking out, and flying cucumbers, it’s safe to say that you won’t experience anything like that anywhere else. On top of all of that, I gained 3 new awesome bands to listen to.

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