Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival: Chez Christophe

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat, one of the whole reasons why I was originally so interested in this whole Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival dealio was because of a hot chocolate that was served at Chez Christophe. About a month or so ago I had just casually been sifting through Vancouver events and hot spots in an attempt to find some fun content for our station’s vlogger Syd Wong, as well as something cool (and of course, food related) for me to write about. Coming across the Hot Chocolate Festival was kind of just a fluke, but when I delved into it and started to scroll through all the possible flavours I was INSTANTLY drawn in by one tastily tempting drink. And that was of course Chez Christophe’s ‘At the Movies’. Can you say the same? Did a particular flavour or shop that was participating draw you in to being interested in Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival? Maybe a certain creative content producer with great hair and killer highlight introduced you to it and got you obsessed… (Me. I’m talking about me.)

That being said, with a week left of the festival there’s still plenty of time to check out shops and cafe’s all across the Lower Mainland. I’ve only checked out 3 of the 35 establishments participating, but my latest drop in to Chez Christophe was probably my favourite so far. The staff was amazingly sweet, we actually got to talk to the barista who had a heavy hand in creating the two very different and very unique chocolate flavours, she even went so far as to make the drinks for us. I can’t say enough about the two flavours, as they were both completely opposite and yet… So good. At the Movies, is of course a hot chocolate heavily based off of the cinema’s number one treat, popcorn. Now, you wouldn’t think that popcorn infused whip cream would work on top of a smooth milk chocolate base. But it did! The first thing I noticed when taking a sip? It was rich but not too rich, and smooth and, honestly, was almost light as butter. The chocolate covered corn nut garnish it came with was of course equally delicious.

One of the first things Syd and I asked each other when we confirmed a meeting with the baristas was, “Wait, isn’t that the one with the beets?”. If you didn’t know, the second flavour at Chez Christophe is adorably referred to as the Off the Beet’n Path hot chocolate, it’s described as a white hot chocolate topped with a fresh beet sauce. Wait up hold on a minute! Beet sauce? Yes! To tell you the truth we were completely intimidated by the beverage and even though I’m not particularly picky, I was a bit hesitant to try it. It was good though! Sweet with a strong white chocolate flavour, you wouldn’t even notice the beets. Except, of course, if you happen to inhale while taking a sip. Yeah, it was kind of a weird thing of me to notice but. You can totally smell beets while drinking the hot chocolate. This isn’t a bad thing of course, but it’s just SO totally different and new to me.

That however is the whole idea of this Hot Chocolate Festival. To get you to go out to different shops, try new flavours and try to spice up what many people think is boring old hot chocolate. Of the flavours offered at Chez Christophe, I’d say I enjoyed the popcorn one the most. Syd loved both of them, she couldn’t choose! Have you gone out to any of the restaurants participating in the Hot Chocolate Festival yet? Tell us your favourite flavour!

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