Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival: Mon Paris Patisserie

In one of our more facile à vivre adventures, Evolution vlogger Syd Wong and I trekked out to Burnaby to check out yet another shop that’s participating in Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival. Mon Paris Patisserie is part bakery, part cafe, part cozy little nook, all heavily under the influence of France and it’s cuisine. It’s an amazing spot to take friends for coffee, so I’d totally recommend you set a date with your friend!

A rookie to the Hot Chocolate Festival, in their first year of participating Mon Paris Patisserie chose to serve two incredibly bold and incredibly different flavoured hot chocolates. The first and favourite for both Syd and I (Though, only by a hair) was so aptly referred to as Mademoiselle Jasmine, the drink is personified as it is described as, “a dark beauty whose perfume is reminiscent of fresh strawberries”. The second flavour was in favour of the large asian influence of Mon Paris Patisserie’s customers, a hot chocolate sprinkled with the most delicate notes of orange and sesame seeds. The drink, also personified and named Madame Butterfly has apparently, “arrived to link East to West”. This hot chocolate was extremely unique in that the chocolate itself was ground up with sesame seeds, though there was a slightly grainy texture to the drink it was extremely delicious regardless.

What was undeniably the most delicious part of these two beverages though was the display in which they were served. A visually appealing drink that was so gorgeous it was almost too difficult to take a sip, when asked about her inspiration for the drinks head chef Elena Krasnova stated that she wanted the drink to be simplistic, light, and very effeminate.

Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival runs until February 14th! (Super cute Valentines Day idea?) There are 30 different restaurants and cafes with 75 different flavours to choose from, have you stopped by and tried any for yourself?

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