Dine Out Vancouver: The Boathouse

So it was date night last weekend and I, like the creatively brilliant little minx that I am, thought it’d be a good opportunity to take to the streets of Vancouver once more and make a reservation at yet another restaurant participating in the Dine Out Vancouver Festival. Whilst getting ready for said date though, I found out that that just wasn’t going to be the case. In the days leading up to the date I had had my eye on a certain restaurant I had wanted to try out. The menu looked good, the atmosphere looked nice from the photos and it was a fairly good price. While thinking about how much I’d like to try this place out, I had repeatedly reminded myself to make a reservation. Why I kept pushing it off, I have no idea… Anyways, so there I was, Saturday night, getting ready for a date and realizing that I hadn’t made a reservation. No big deal, I’d make a quick call and reserve a spot and it’d all be cool and, “Sorry miss, we don’t have a spot till nine tonight.” Dang it. Well, there went that idea out the window. After trying to make reservations at at least 5 other places in Vancouver I decided I’d try to take a chance and just go for a spot close to home. That’s the cool thing about this festival, it’s not just restaurants from Vancouver that are participating, it’s places all over the Lower Mainland.

Thankfully we got in! Funny enough, after all this mess we wound up going to the Boathouse in Port Moody. Which is somewhere that I had never been before and had wanted to try out. To be honest we sat down to an empty place, but within a few minutes it was busy and completely packed. Lots of babies and families enjoying dinner together in a semi-fancy atmosphere. Iit was a really nice, obviously family orientated place and the service definitely accommodated that. Regarding the menu, I was surprised to find that there were two price options! You could opt for a thirty dollar or forty dollar meal, which is pretty reasonable considering the restaurant we were in. I’ll admit I went kind of basic with my meal, caesar salad, fish and chips and a really nice slice of a mocha cream pie (I’ll just say, it was a tough choice between that and the creme brulee for dessert). A special note, the batter on the fish was probably one of the best I had ever had. Not bland, not too greasy, and crispy with every bite.

Gone to any of the Dine Out Vancouver restaurants? There’s only a few days left of the festival, tell me what one of your favourite spots was!

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