What I’m Watching: Anime Edition

I’ve been a long time fan of anything animated, from movies to TV series if there was ever a choice between something live action and something that was animated, I’d generally always choose the thing that conjured more creativity and imagination (at least, I think animation does.) As a long time fan of many westernized cartoons, the jump over to anime really wasn’t so far. Over the past few years I’ve gone through boundless series, oftentimes jumping from genre to genre. You see, one of the cool things about anime is that, like many cartoons, episodes can be as short as a few minutes up to an hour long. (Generally though, they sit at a 20 minute time frame). Since episodes are so short, it’s pretty easy to binge watch and write off your night to get engulfed in an entire series for the night. The amount of time I’ve stayed up into the wee hours of the morning just to finish a series is… Slightly embarrassing, I’ll admit.

That being said, guess who stayed up super late last night trying to surf through pages and pages of anime suggestions, only to land on one that I had… Kind of already watched before? What I mean to say is, an anime that was originally a short film made back in 2013, was then changed into a lengthy TV series in 2017. Little Witch Academia as a short film was outright amazing, the character design, the backdrop, the mood and tone setting due to the music underlay and overall character interactions. It was all just very blatantly magical. (Which, if we’re being real, is probably one of my favourite anime genre’s). So anyways, last night I happened to watch the first few episodes of the TV series and noticed right off the bat that things were… Slightly different. Spoilers aside, the main character which was simply just a bad witch in the movie is now a human going to a magical school and, because of her humanity, is obviously bad at magic. Amongst other differences that were really minor, the manner in which the main character found a mystical all powerful staff was a little different, as well as the main characters interactions with her two friends was, again, slightly different. So far though, the differences really haven’t affected my love and appreciation for the series, in fact, I think they’re well added touches that sort of build on what the short film tried to convey in what was a short film.

That being said, I’ll continue to watch the series as well as hunt for more good anime’s to watch. If you have any suggestions, don’t be afraid to shoot them my way at Evolution 107.9!

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