Maze Runner: The Death Cure


January 26th was the big premiere for the final movie in the Maze Runner series. As a huge fan of both the books and the movies so far I had to go see the final movie right away. On top of all of that, the Landmark Cinemas close to home has big comfy reclining seats so I will literally find any excuse to go watch a new movie. Having read the book I had an idea of what to expect going in so I put on my comfiest sweater, grabbed my fleece blanket, stocked up on Kleenex, and warned my brother that he was not allowed to make fun of me if I cried. It has been a while since I’ve read the Maze Runner books, probably long before the first movie which was released back in 2014, so the story wasn’t fresh in my mind but of course I remembered the majority of it. WARNING! If you haven’t watched the prior films or read the books it will be difficult for you to follow the story line. The movie wasted no time in getting into the action. Right off the bat you have a rescue situation which involves chasing a high speed train all whilst being shot at by WCKD soldiers. The biggest difference I found between the book and the movie was the amount of action. Of course the book did have plenty of action but it also focused on the characters and their discoveries into WCKD as they continue on their journey. That’s the thing with movies though, action sells. The first movie I feel was the only one that followed the book the closest. By the second, they had taken out certain parts that I felt were integral to the story but I also understood why they wouldn’t have worked well in a movie. For example, in the books Thomas and Teresa share such a strong and special bond that they are able to communicate telepathically with each other, while there is a tiny reference of this in the movies it is mostly forgotten altogether. The great thing about this last movie was that it did a great job of making sense of the second one. For someone who has read the books, I wasn’t all that happy with the second one as I felt it had steered quite far off from the book but Death Cure proved to me why so much had to change in the second movie and it did a good job of tying back to the book as much as possible.

If you’ve read the book then you know that it’s not entirely a happy ending as Newt and Teresa don’t make it through. I wasn’t a big fan of Teresa’s character so let’s just say her death didn’t move me too much but when I read the scene where Newt dies, I came close to burning the book and doing everything possible to forget the entire story. My reaction to his death in the movie was not far off. I knew Newt would die and yet there was still a sliver of hope he wouldn’t. I mean, they changed so many other things why couldn’t they change this ONE thing for me.

Overall, if I compare the books to the movies I would say that the books were way better and while the movies were entertaining they didn’t do the book justice. However, if I look at the movies separately then I would definitely say that the movies are very entertaining and well done. There are times when I feel like dystopias are overdone and highly overrated but then you stumble upon a gem like the Maze Runner series and you realize that they’ll never actually get old.


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